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The Reach of Online Press Releases

August 26, 2008

The Modern Press Release Goes Beyond Geographical Boundaries

Press releases were originally for the sole purpose of relaying updates and other pertinent information to the media about a company or organization. They served as some sort of personal correspondence between the media and a company. In the perfect world, the press release is designed to be publicized through the media so that people would learn about your product or service if the media chose to run your story.

But in the not-so-perfect world, the traditional press release has a fifty-fifty chance of surviving the paper shredder in various news organizations. It all depends on the editor’s judgement and his or her idea of newsworthy information. So in the past, releasing these materials to the press was always likely to result in no take-up of the message that you were trying to convey.

These days, however, the press release takes on another purpose and is redefined by the increased accessibility of online media. In recent years, the press release has gone online – just like other marketing tools – and is now made open for mass readership. They are no longer limited to the people in the media. Anyone who is interested in a company or industry can access your press release directly through distribution sites and news release sites.

But what has defined the newfound role of the press release is the fact that it rides on the pervasiveness of the Internet, the medium through which it is distributed. Over the past decade, cyberspace has continued to accommodate more users. People are starting to appreciate the convenience of getting everything that they need with just a click of the mouse. You don’t go to the newspaper to find out what is new about a company but to blogs and other resources.

Under Web 2.0, everyone can have their say about a product or service, not just journalists. Going online is your first port of call nowadays and you start by searching for what you are looking for. And how convenient if the first thing you read is a nicely constructed press release leading back to the organizations website!

This is a practice that is common to many internet users. The medium is an information resource so a person in Hongkong looking for information on X Company may end up looking at the same page as somebody else located in Paris. Unlike its traditional counterpart, the online press release is capable of disseminating information beyond the boundaries of the company’s geographical location.

Online press releases have greatly benefited from the wider reach of the Internet. They are not anymore limited to providing information for people within the organization’s locality. They are now designed to cater to mass audiences located in any part of the world. So long as these people share the same interest, the online press release is accessible regardless of where they are in the world.

This makes it easier for various companies to offer their products and services to a wider clientele as well. You don’t need to be based in the United States to tap into that market. All you need to do is contact us today to start on your press release marketing campaign.

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